Book Vouchers

Create a Book Voucher

Be sure to request your book voucher before placing an online order. The Campus Store cannot process your order until your book voucher has been created!

To request a voucher:
1. Log into myNTC
2. Click on the "Finances" tab
3. Click on the link named "Request a Book Voucher." You may need to scroll down to see this link.
4. If you are eligible for a book voucher, the terms of use will pop up on your screen. Read these terms and conditions carefully and then click "OK"
5. Check the box under "Request Voucher" and the box acknowledging that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.
6. Click on the "Generate Book Voucher" box. Your voucher will be ready for use in about 30 minutes!

Please note you are not required to order your books online unless you prefer to have them delivered to your home.


Book Voucher Terms and Conditions

When creating a Book Voucher, students are required to agree to the following Terms and Conditions of use.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that a book voucher will be made available to me if I am a current NTC student in good financial and academic standing and I have a financial aid award in excess of my outstanding tuition charges. I also understand I may use this book voucher to purchase only textbooks and supplies for courses in which I am currently enrolled. If I have sufficient funds, I understand I may purchase up to $100 in miscellaneous supplies in addition to those required.

By requesting a book voucher, I understand that I am authorizing the NTC Campus Store to add charges to my student account. I further understand that I am responsible to pay NTC for these charges in the event that I do not receive all or any financial aid as anticipated. I acknowledge that these charges will not be re-billed to a third party should I become eligible for alternate funding.

I also understand that if my excess financial aid is disbursed to me before these charges are applied to my account, I am still responsible for payment. If I remain eligible, these charges may be deducted from any grants or loans that I might receive in the future.

If I return any of the books or materials purchased with this voucher the normal Campus Store return policy applies and the resulting credit will be applied back to my student account at NTC.

How to Use Your Voucher

Your voucher will be available to use in the Campus Store approximately 30 minutes after it is requested. You may use the voucher in two ways:

  • Purchase your textbooks in person at the Campus Store. You will need a photo ID and a copy of your current schedule to find your textbooks. If you are driving a long distance to visit the Campus Store, you may want to call ahead of time to ensure all your books are in stock.
  • Place an order online to be delivered to your home (shipping charges may apply). A signature will be required upon delivery. To order online, you will need a copy of your current schedule to find the textbooks needed for your classes.