Financial Aid


Voucher/Textbook Availability

Request your book voucher and shop for books beginning on these dates:

Spring 2018
Vouchers can be created and used in between Financial Aid disbursement dates. Typical creation times are from 6 p.m. on Thursdays through 12:00 p.m. on the following Tuesday. Please refer to your voucher confirmation for expiration dates/times.


Financial Aid Eligibility and Overview

NTC Students that are in good financial and academic standing and who have completed all steps of the financial aid application and acceptance process may use their financial aid to purchase their required class materials. This can be done during certain times each term (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winterim). This option is not available on days the college is processing financial aid refunds so be sure to plan ahead!

To charge books, you must have applied for financial aid and received your anticipated aid notification. You will also need to log into My NTC and formally accept your financial aid award. If these steps are not completed, you will not be eligible to charge your books.

When ordering online (with financial aid) you must first request a Book Voucher (see instructions below). After you have created your book voucher, you may then create an order from our online store. After you have selected your books, simply select “Book Voucher” from the drop down menu in the Payment Method field during the check out process. You are also required to include your student ID number in the box provided. You may then complete your order. If you choose a Book Voucher as your method of payment, but have not successfully created a voucher in myNTC the Campus Store cannot fill your order until you have done so!


How to Create Your Book Voucher

Be sure to request your book voucher before placing an online order. The Campus Store cannot process your order until your book voucher has been created!

To request a voucher:
1. Log into myNTC
2. Click on the "Finances" tab
3. Click on the link named "Request a Book Voucher." You may need to scroll down to see this link.
4. If you are eligible for a book voucher, the terms of use will pop up on your screen. Read these terms and conditions carefully and then click "OK"
5. Check the box under "Request Voucher" and the box acknowledging that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.
6. Click on the "Generate Book Voucher" box. Your voucher will be ready for use in about 30 minutes!

Please note you are not required to order your books online unless you prefer to have them delivered to your home.


Paying Online with a Book Voucher

To select your Book Voucher as your method of payment:

  • When you have finished adding items to your basket, select “Checkout”.
  • On the shipping screen, complete all required fields. Textbooks must be shipped to your home or business address. Shipping fees are not refundable.
  • When you get to the page titled Payment Info simply select Book Voucher in the drop down box in the Payment Method box. You will be prompted to enter your student ID number.
  • Review and complete your order. You will receive an email confirming we have received your order within hours. If there is a problem in processing your order, you will receive another email in 1-2 business days informing you of the issue.



Students who have financial aid pending in excess of their textbook and tuition charges can also charge up to $100 in  school-related supplies.



Important Note

Occasionally, a textbook or other merchandise is not available until after your Book Voucher has expired. The Campus Store will not charge customers for merchandise until it is available. In the instance where a Book Voucher has been selected as the payment method, but an item is not available until after the voucher is expired, an alternative method of payment must be used.

During high-volume times, our inventory of used books depletes very quickly. While we will make every effort to send you a used book when selected, sometimes used books are no longer available by the time your order is filled. When this happens we will substitute a new book. Customers who do not wish to keep these substituted books are welcome to return them within the normal return policy parameters. To view our complete return policy click here