Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access indicates a course where students do not need to purchase their required course materials separately. Instead, the required material is included on the student’s tuition statement as a “Digital Material Access Fee”. Courses may have Inclusive Access to your materials when:

  • The instructors for the course have chosen a digital course material instead of a traditional printed book. This is becoming more common as digital materials are frequently less expensive and offer new and interactive content that is not available in printed form.
  • The digital material chosen is REQUIRED for all students taking the course.
  • The material chosen is either unavailable for purchase outside the NTC campus, including the online market place, OR the chosen material is provided at a cost that is lower than the prevailing marketplace price.

At this time, only a small number of courses have these direct-billed materials. Because of the convenience and value, we expect more courses to offer these items in the coming semesters. If you have any questions about Inclusive Access, please reach out to the Campus Store team.