Rental Item Terms and Conditions

When renting materials from the NTC Campus Store students must consent to the following terms and conditions.


I understand the item(s) I have rented is the property of NTC. I also understand it is my responsibility to return the item(s) I have rented on or before the last day of final exams for the term it was rented for or pay the full replacement price of the rental book(s). I may also be assessed a late fee of $25.00.

I understand that if I lose the item(s) I have rented or if they are damaged or stolen I will be charged the full replacement price of the rental item(s). Any supplementary items (CDs, software, reference cards) that came with the rented item must be returned and be in acceptable condition. The Campus Store reserves the right to determine what warrants a damaged item/supplementary material. Damages include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive writing or highlighting
  • Either/both back and front covers in poor condition (folded, creased, ripped, chewed, etc)
  • Item is stained, soiled or damaged by a liquid. Books will with any amount of liquid damage will not be accepted.
  • Pages ripped or missing, supplementary materials ripped, scratched, etc.


I understand and authorize the NTC Campus Store to put any unpaid fees and/or replacement costs on my NTC student account. I also understand that these charges must be paid in full before I will be allowed to register for additional classes, receive my grades or my diploma/certificate upon graduation. Unpaid accounts are subject to collection procedures. I understand that if my item is not returned by the final day of classes, I may be denied rental privileges for following semesters.

I understand that my rental fee is refundable only if the class was cancelled or that I have proof I dropped the class and the item is returned during within three days of the course start date.

I understand that I must return the same item I was issued. If I lose my item or accidentally exchange my item with someone else, I will be held responsible for the item originally checked out to me. If I return someone else’s item and they do not return mine, I will be held responsible for my own un-returned item.

I have read and fully understand the provisions and the terms of this agreement as outlined and I agree to adhere to all conditions and terms as stated.